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We value your information and will do everything in our power to keep it safe. We uphold the law ‘ Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’ (Dutch law) and abide to those rules and guidelines. In this privacystatement we explain what information is being stored, sued en to what purpose.

Use of your data

Within the EnneagramPro app no personal information is stored on the device of the user. Neither will any of your data be stored on our servers of those of third parties. The EnneagramPro app does offer you the possibility to sign on for the digital newsletter from Ad acta mediation (with tips and information).

Your personal information

Becasue the EnneagramPro app does not store eny personal information, there si no need for a registration in order to be able to use the app. Therefore it is not possible for us to give any information to third parties, simply because we do not have it.

Minority and youth

We explicitly ask younger people below 18 years, not(!) to share any personal information about themselves or the EnneagramPro app, unless with explicit agreement of their parents or quardians.


We do store statistical information within the EnneagramPro app. We sue the service of  “Flurry” (www.flurry.com). These statistics are anonymous and will only be used for the proper working of the app and enhancements or bugs resolve. If you so wish, you can decline the use of this service. To do so you can update your settings at https://dev.flurry.com/secure/optOut.do

Third party Websites 

This statement id not applicable for site from third parties which can be linked to the EnneagramPro app. We can not quarantee that these third parties uphold the same law and guidelines as we do fro storing and using personal information. We advice you to read the privacystatements of these individual sites before using them.


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Changes in thisprivacy-statement

We maintain th eprivilge to change this privacy-statement or guidelines. Any changes will be published on this site. We advice you to visit this page regularly.

Last change april 15th 2015

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